Nonsense Mathematics to Awesome Visualization

Visualization is always a good way to learn things faster and make sense from conceptual things such as algorithms, mathematical formulas or physical phenomena. You may saw a lot of visualizations created by JavaScript and some other tools other than Java. Surely, they were more beautiful in comparison with Applets or Swing-based applications. That was true in the era before JavaFX!
Nowadays, you can create fancier UI with JavaFX more easily. In this post, I am going to show you how to convert an abstract mathematical formula to an awesome JavaFX 3D visualization.

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Introduction to Evolutionary Algorithm

Evolutionary algorithm such as Genetic algorithms is an amazing and powerful algorithms that you can use them to solve any problem that classic algorithms can not solve them. These problems are quite complex and in such cases,  simplicity and robustness of Genetic Algorithms will be quite handy.

I don’t want to write a complete tutorial over Genetic algorithms or Evolutionary algorithms in general. I want to show you my two projects that you can see their code on┬ámy github page and see the power of Genetic algorithms.

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