JavaFX Persian Tutorial

I’ve provided some JavaFX tutorials for our university in Persian. In these videos, I explained JavaFX from basic concepts to some more advanced concepts like Animations and Event Handling which can help students to get started with JavaFX.

1- Introduction (click to download)

2- Hello JavaFX – Line – Circle and Shapes (click to download)

3- JavaFX Polyline – How to Draw Plot – Source Code (click to download)

A real example of how to draw a scientific plot using JavaFX poly-line.

4- JavaFX Rectangle – Tree Fractal – Sierpinski Carpet – Mandelbrot Set – Source Code (click to download)

Some more interesting things that you can do with JavaFX shapes.

5- JavaFX – Button – Action Listener – VBox Layout – Source Code (click to download)

Working with Buttons and learn how to handle events and get familiar with VBox Layout.

6- JavaFX – AnimationTimer – Transition – StackPane – ImageViewSource Code (click to download)

Now, It’s the time for some more advanced concepts like AnimationTimer, Transitions and Layouts.

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